Family and grandkids-Blog Day 26–10 Things that Make Me Smile

Family and grandkids

I guess we look a bit like the Addams’ family here!

Today’s post is about 10 things that make me smile.
First, there’s my family, especially my grandchildren. Just thinking about them during the day brings a smile to my face.
2) Music. I can smile when I hear a really lovely piece of music or a playful one. Or when I sing in the car or in the shower.
3) Writing. Telling a story makes me smile inside, even if the story is a sad one. I’m just happier when I write every day.
4) Here’s a weird one–a clean house. I love it when my house is all spotless and sweet-smelling.
5) Books. I look at my dear friends, and I do believe they ARE friends, surrounding me and I feel a deep satisfaction!
6) Nature–for its beauty and variety and buzzing activity. I saw a gray fox in the yard a couple of nights ago. That makes me smile.
7) Remembering–all kinds of things–my first kiss, the prom, riding around with my girlfriends–and hanging out with those same pals at our yearly get-together, moments in the lives of my children, moments with my folks, moments with my husband (like the time we were so busy talking we missed our turn and drove an hour out of the way before we discovered our mistake!)
8) Chocolate!
9) Travelling–or dreaming about travelling.
10) Having someone say they enjoyed reading one of my books–that’s the best smile ever!

I wish I were clever enough to add pics to all of these blogs. But I feel lucky if I get just one added. I’m going to take a class in how to do blogs next time my son gets home! Maybe my ineptitude will make YOU smile!

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