Day 27-5 Questions for a Person in History

Today’s blog challenge has me stumped.  There are so many folks in history I’d like to question–Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, Thomas More, Cardinal Wolsey, and Thomas Boleyn, among others.  Moving forward, I’d love to ask Queen Elizabeth I about Robert Dudley, Shakespeare about where he found inspiration, and Marlowe about what happened to him.  Now leaping forward, I’d chat a while with Napoleon, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abigail Adams….well, you get the point.  There are so many fascinating people who inspire, intrigue and elude us.  Here are my questions:

I would ask Jesus the following:

1) (lyric from Jesus Christ, Superstar) Do you think you are who they say you are?

2) What is the reason/purpose/point of suffering in this world?

3) What was your mother like?

4) Who has inspired you?

5) What is God’s dream for humanity and how can we live into that dream?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  So many questions, but I had to select only five…

Which person in history would you like to question?

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