Exciting Announcement!


     THE BEAUTICIAN’S NOTEBOOK, a contemporary Southern novel set along the North Carolina coast, will be forth-coming in April, 2017.
     When Willa Jo Temple is found stabbed through the heart in her beauty shop, Summerset, North Carolina is thrown into a tizzy.  Everyone knows Willa Jo has been keeping a notebook for years, writing down funny things her customers have said, jotting notes about secrets they told.  Rumor had it Willa Jo was going to publish her notebook.  Would such a revelation be motive for murder?  Sheriff Tal Hicks must investigate many of the town’s citizens as he tries to figure out what happened to Willa Jo.  His discoveries lead to all kinds of complications and a few surprises.  THE BEAUTICIAN’S NOTEBOOK will keep you laughing and crying as this Southern novel explores life in a small town.

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