Book Review- The Anne Boleyn Collection II by Claire Ridgeway

I first discovered Claire Ridgeway at the Anne Boleyn Files and the Elizabeth Files in 2011, when my own debut novel, AT THE MERCY OF THE QUEEN, was accepted for publication.  I was thrilled to find all the information Claire had gathered on those websites.  Not only did I locate a woman who loved the Boleyn saga as much as I did, I also stumbled upon a woman whose passion for her subject led her to dig and dig and dig until she could find the truth.  Or as much of the truth as was possible.  That said, I’m excited to say Claire, already author of several books about The Boleyn’s, has another ready–The Anne Boleyn Collection II.

In The Anne Boleyn Collection I, Claire gathered many of her online articles into a book.  In ABCII, she offers special subjects not necessarily included in her online work.  Meticulously researched and delivered in Claire’s easy-to-read style, this new book gives us insight into such things as the much-maligned character of Sir Thomas Boleyn, Anne’s father.  Rumors of his pandering his daughters to the king’s appetite are put to rest and a much clearer, more realistic biography is drawn.  Claire gives the same leave-no-stone-unturned treatment to Elizabeth (Howard) Boleyn, Anne’s mother.

The book covers a variety of subjects, from the infamous George Boleyn to religion to Anne’s sister, Mary.  My favorite part examines Anne’s years spent in France and the Low Countries.  The book has illustrations and at the end of each section, a fully detailed bibliography is supplied.  There is also a long list of sources at the end of the book.

This book is a must for Tudor fans and anyone interested in the history (and the story) of Anne Boleyn.  It’s fascinating, factual and fun!

You can purchase the book here:

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