Blog Challenge: Day 18

Today, I’m supposed to write about my favorite on-line places to shop.  I don’t really shop much, on or off-line.  I like ebay and have purchased several things there.  I’ve also bought books from Amazon, though I often feel a twinge of guilt when I do so; I want to support the Indie bookstores as much as possible.

When I shop for clothes, I go to consignment stores.  I love the ‘re-cycling’ idea of buying something that still has good wear in it.  Plus, the price is usually right!  I love browsing around in antique and junk shops.

But please, do not make me go to a mall.  Malls make me dizzy.  No really, they do.  Maybe it’s the lighting or maybe it’s the enormity of the building–I really don’t like malls.  I prefer mom-and-pop specialty shops where you can chat with the owner and things are different, unusual.

As for online shopping, I guess I have a lot to learn!

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