August Blog Challenge: Day 20-Smells

Today’s challenge is to select three smells that bring back memories.  Did you  know smell is the strongest memory trigger?  Often, a whiff of something familiar will bring us right back to the past.  Here are my three smells:

The first is the scent of boxwood.  While there are some who think this shrub has the odor of cat urine, to me it smells like my grandmother’s house.  As you climbed up the stairs to the front porch, boxwoods lined the steps.  In the heat of summer, their fragrance was released and I can remember how excited I would be to see my grandparents.  I still love that smell.

Next, the sweet, milky scent of a baby’s breath.  All babies smell the same; they all have that sweet breath.  When my sons were little, I used to lie next to them for a long time, just so I could inhale their breath; it was intoxicating to me.

And I can’t leave out the smell of roses and gardenias.  We used to have a peach-colored rose that grew at our fence in Kernersville.  It matched the wallpaper in the bathroom perfectly.  Each spring, I’d clip a couple of buds and bring them into the house.  They were so fragrant they filled the house with their aroma.  I’m immediately back in that big rambling house when I smell a rose.

Gardenias remind me of the beach.  They grow in great profusion here and some evenings, I can catch as whiff in the breeze. They make me remember being a girl, camping at the ocean, lying on the beach all day and smelling gardenias on the night air.

What smells take you back in time?

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