Day 12-A Ghost Story

My family lived in a haunted house for ten years. 

I loved every minute of it. 

Among the five of us, there are many tales of terror, but I will tell only what I experienced myself.  And, as every ghost story attests, what you are about to read is true!

From the moment I entered the old, rambling farmhouse, I knew I was home.  I felt at ease, the way I used to feel when I visited my grandmother.  I felt as if the house welcomed me and wanted me to be there.  It’s hard to explain, but I knew the house itself had a ‘spirit’ and that ‘spirit’ liked me.  I was never afraid when I stayed downstairs.

Upstairs was a different story.  I never lingered up there for very long, completing my household chores as quickly as possible. There was a darkness up there, something that depressed me.

But you want scarier details than that. Here they are:
1) I was often startled awake by someone calling my name.
2) I sometimes felt someone sit on the bed next to me.
3) The door of my bedroom slammed shut so loudly it woke my husband and me in the middle of the night. We could find no reason for the event–no air currents, no wind outside, no kids playing a joke.
4) Upstairs, I often felt afraid and threatened, though nothing ever happened TO ME there. One of my friends saw the figure of a woman; one of my daughters-in-law felt someone smothering her and another of my daughters-in-law awoke to find her husband’s face had changed. All three of my sons had experiences upstairs–
In spite of the strange happenings, I loved the old place and, when I left, I literally kissed the walls good-bye. I believe the house was sorry to see me go.
What about you? Do you believe in ghosts?

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