Day 9-Regrets?

If I’d been asked to write about regrets when I was in my 40’s, the answer would have been ‘Oh, I have no regrets–my life is unfolding as it should.’  But now, with more years to see where life has led me, and after suffering loss after loss, I will say that yes, I have regrets.   Most of them are extremely personal but I’ll share a couple of the lighter ones here.

One of the big things I regret is, (dare I be honest?) not dating more when I had the chance.  I wish I had played the field for a few years, had more fun, enjoyed life.  I wish I’d gone dancing and had adventures.  I wish I’d had more sex!

Another regret is not pursuing piano in a more serious way–I hated to practice and never got over stage jitters.  But now, I’d love to play well rather than just stumbling along.

I wish I’d realized before I reached my 50’s the value of money–having it, that is.

And, I wish I had stayed in one spot, rather than moving as much as I have.

Well, there it is!  What this means is that now, knowing what I know, I still have the chance to change some of these regrets–there’s still time to travel and have adventures, still time to settle down.  I can practice my piano, and maybe, before I die, I’ll give Chopin his due. 

But I refuse to spend one more moment thinking about the mistakes I’ve made, the choices that have gone wrong.  Life really is too short for regrets.  Instead, I’ll make the best of things and be grateful for the many, many blessings that have come my way.


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