Embarassing Moment

Today’s blog challenge is just that–a challenge.  I am supposed to write about one of my embarrassing moments.  Well, I’ve just never had one, ya’ll, she demurred in a Southern drawl. 


It’s hard to pick just one, but here goes. 

This one takes place my last year of high school.  My boyfriend and I had just broken up and I was devastated.  There was a dance one weekend and my ex-boyfriend was playing in the band.  Another fellow asked me to go and I said yes.

Before I continue, I must describe the clothing of that time–no, it was NOT a Tudor dress.  Mini-skirts were the norm and when I say mini-I mean MINI.  My dress came nowhere near my knees.  The boy I was with was over 6 feet tall.  A slow dance played.  Back then, girls put their arms up around the boy’s neck to show special affection.  I took a glance at my ex, then wrapped my arms around the tall fellow. 

You can imagine what happened to my mini-skirt when I did that.  I noticed my ex was singing soulfully but staring right at me.  I knew I’d win him back.  I looked at him and smiled. 

Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder. One of my best friends whispered, “Your whole butt is showing!”

I quickly lowered my arms to discover I had mooned the entire crowd.  You can imagine how I felt.

I never did get back with my ex.


One thought on “Embarassing Moment

  1. Ha, ha! Oh Anne, that must have been embarrassing but at least you got your ex-boyfriend’s attention – LOL! Nat

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