The Story of My Life in 250 Words

I’ve decided to accept a challenge from Natalie, over at On The Tudor Trail, which is to blog every day during August.  She has selected the topics and I shall endeavor to do an appropriate blog.  Today’s topic is The Story of My Life in 250 words—Here goes!

I grew up the elder of two sisters in the beautiful state of West Virginia where my family often camped in a tent that attached to the back of our Chevy station wagon. I remember the smell of wood smoke, the sounds of birds and the fun of exploring trails. These paths usually led to something wonderful, like a waterfall or a spectacular view of the mountains. Even now, I like nothing better than to follow a new path just to see where it leads.Though my sister was ‘emotionally disturbed’ as we were told back then, my childhood was filled with music and magic.

I married young and had my first child at the age of nineteen. My second was born fourteen months later. My sons taught me what love really meant, though the love I’d shared with their father didn’t last. We divorced after four years of marriage. During the marriage, I graduated from college and began teaching high school English. After the divorce, I moved to North Carolina where I met the love of my life (well, one of them—actually, there have been two—a boy I dated in high school) and we married just six months after we met. We had another son, adding much joy to our family. That was 35 years ago.

In 1989, I quit teaching to become a full-time writer. I wrote for magazines, newspapers—anyone who would pay me. I also worked on short stories, poetry and a couple of novels.  In 2007, my first book was published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in London.  In 2014, my second novel and fourth book will be released. Now, I’m a proud grandmother and happy cancer survivor.

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